Tips to Clear an Interview

create resumeAre you just out of college? Are you looking for a good job in a reputed company? Are you tired of applying for jobs that you come across on various dailies and internet portals? If you are a little bit careful, you can get a job without much hassle. There are plenty of job opportunities across various locations in the world and if you are skilled enough, you can surely find a place for yourself. First of all, you should register with a good job portal online. This is the easiest way to get information about job openings. Once you do this, you will start getting alerts regarding vacancies in various companies. You need to be careful from the next step onwards. Choosing the openings that will suit you best is very important. If you do not make the right selection, you will not be able to clear the interview and this will bring down your confidence levels too. Hence, make the selection after careful analysis.

Designing your resume

Your resume plays a very important role in fetching you a good job. You need to be careful while designing your resume. Do not copy the content from the resume of your friend or one that you find online. It is very important to create resume in your own words. The CV should stand out to be unique. Employers will be able to easily understand whether the resume that you provide is original or copied because they go through plenty of them every day. Hence, design it in the best possible manner and create a good impression with ease. Your CV skills will help you tackle the first step of the job seeking process. Candidates are shortlisted for interviews depending on the quality of the CVs. Hence, pay attention while you do it.

Preparing yourself

best job opportunitiesYou need to be well prepared before attending an interview. Try to gather as much information about the company as possible before walking in for the interview. The interviewer might ask you about your interests regarding the job opening. If you have no clue about the company, you might fail to impress the interviewer. You should also be well prepared on your area of expertise. You should also consider the job opening for which you are attending the interview and prepare accordingly. If it is a job that is entirely different from your main domain, you should be prepared with answers on why you chose to attend the interview.

Presentation skills

You need to polish your presentation skills before attending the interviews. You need to concentrate on the dress that you wear and also on the way you carry yourself. You need to follow all basic manners while entering the interviewer’s room as well as while pulling the chairs to sit down. You should take care of your posture and avoid meddling with your fingers. You should be confident while replying to the questions asked by the employer. Sound diplomatic and try to showcase your key strengths.

All these tips will help you to take a look at the best job opportunities with a lot more confidence. You will be able to find yourself a good job if you prepare well for an interview and carry without you a fantastic CV.


Important Points to Consider When Applying For the Job

writing a resumeAre you well prepared to apply for your dream job? If you are getting the best job opportunity, for which you have been waiting for quite a long period of time, then you ought to be prepared for that.  To help you out, here are certain important points to consider that you haven’t missed upon anything.

  • To get a job, the first step is definitely to apply for it. Several people commit a blunder by re-applying for the same company in multiple times. Do not just apply for every vacancy at the company. You would get noticed by the job recruiters or job employers and would mark a bad impression.  Apply only when you feel yourself fit for the vacancy.
  • The second point relates to resume. Ideally, when sending the resume online, instead of the attachment, paste it in the mail body. And also, when writing the resume, do not make use of exclamation marks.
  • Also, when writing resume avoid using the words that can make your copy misinterpreted by spam filters.
  • The qualifications and achievements must be mentioned in the bullet format. And if possible, try to enhance your CV skills and add relevant keywords, which might help you get to the top of the online search.
  • Avoid using abbreviations in the resume, cover letter or anywhere else in the mail, as that marks a bad impression on the HR manager or the recruiter.
  • To write wrong spelling is a definite NO. Also, instead of lowercase or full capitals, use standard capitalization, otherwise you might annoy the recruiter.
  • If you are applying for a job online, then make sure that you fill all the information (even marked with optional) in the online application process. This might give you an upper hand in getting short listed.
  • CV presentation is very important. You have to ensure that your resume is in clear & concise format with all the necessary information & details.
  • If you get a revert from the company through the mail, make sure that you reply back within 24 hours. You must not give any negative impression to the employer.
  • Check out the details of the follow up e-mail carefully. Make sure that you do not miss any direction indicated to you.
  • There can be a situation when the mail gets rejected through the automatic system. If this is the situation, then try to contact the recruitment office and look up for the process to reapply for the vacancy.
  • While reapplying for the job vacancy, make alterations in the keywords to make it more relevant. Also, you can make the changes in the executive summary or alter the bulleted skills & achievements; but do not make any changes in the elements of work history.
  • Make sure that you use the same e-mail id when replying for the job in the same company and for same post. There are automatic systems, which keep track on the multiple candidate applications.

Well, these are certain points, which you ought to take care of when applying for the dream job. Make sure that you do not commit any blunder and drop the opportunity.